About Us

From our beginnings in the heady days of the 1960s, Prep-Power has focused on solving our clients’ toughest sourcing challenges.

We’ve always prided ourselves on identifying and championing products that solve complex problems with ingenuity and rock-solid engineering: A revolutionary, non-electronic proximity switch. A remarkable ultra-low pressure/vacuum switch. DC motor controls that offered an exceptional degree of precision.

Now we’re turning that passion to challenges on a whole new scale. Climate change presents our world with some of the most complex technical problems we’ve ever faced.

We truly want to be the change we wish to see. So we’re partnering with new suppliers that share our commitment to helping businesses, organizations, and communities gracefully navigate the changes that are underway now — and those yet to come — to how people and goods travel and how we make and use energy.

Snappy dresser and Prep-Power company president Bruce Scoggin (CPMR) draws on 40 years of experience in electrical and electronic component consultancy and sales to help ensure that our clients’ projects get what they need to succeed.

Proud Navy veteran, prouder father and grandfather, Bruce has a diverse industry background in roles spanning project engineer, training consultant, and technical writer, working for legendary giants like GTE/Sylvania and on historic programs like the RCA Missile Test Project.

Since 1988, Bruce has helmed the company Bill Scoggin started, striving to follow his father’s example and treat each client’s needs and expectations as his own. With an engineer’s relish for the puzzle and a faith-driven passion for people, Bruce truly enjoys getting to know the thinkers and dreamers behind the project and playing a part in the realization of their goals.