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Can the power grid support an EV evolution?

Can the power grid support an EV evolution? I believe the answer is both Yes and No. The move to an all-electric structure for EV charging, HVAC, water heating and cooking will over stress an already stressed electrical infrastructure. The reality is we have been living with brown/black out conditions for many years. The current…

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Selecting the best SPD for your needs

Electrical surge has many sources. The one we know best is lightning. It can happen at any time, but summer thunderstorms may be the worst. Seeking shelter during a thunderstorm is important and the place you seek is equally as important. Protect yourself! Protecting the electronics in your home, office and manufacturing facility is also…

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Why enhanced filtering in your SPD is important

Internally generated ring wave transients lock up electronics, cause glitches in operation, and degrade and cause premature failure in power supplies and circuit boards (which necessitate repair or disposal of the electronic based equipment or appliance).

The enhanced transient filters in TPS SPDs work every second, every minute, and every hour of the day…

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