Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Atom’s PURPL EVSE System

  • Supports all vehicle classes with both 11.5 kW (48A) and 19.2 kW (80A) output options
  • Controls EV charging costs by regulating vehicle charge rate according to time of day and daily energy budget.
  • Modular design, with an advanced power distribution panel and multiple pedestal and wallbox charging station options, allows the system to grow with your needs while minimizing physical security costs.

Electrical Systems Protection

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Surge Protection for Every Application

Electrical equipment and sensitive electronic devices have become central both to the success of your business and to the ways in which you manage and enjoy your life. Together, TPD and TPS offer a complete line of surge protection products to help safeguard those investments and reduce downtime, both on the job and in your home.

Electronic Circuit Breakers: Speed Matters.

The fastest, most responsive breakers on the market, offering greater equipment protection along with advanced remote monitoring and management options.