Scalable charging solutions for today’s vehicles of the future


Atom Power’s stunningly innovative EVSE supports all vehicle classes with both 11.5 kW (48A) and 19.2 kW (80A) output options.


Reduce charging costs up to 96% versus traditional solutions with PURPL’s advanced energy management features.

Atom Power’s EV charging solution dynamically adjusts and manages EV charging by regulating vehicle charge rate, time of day, length of time, and overall energy an EV can use over the course of a given day. The system monitors real-time building load and evaluates historical baseline peak demand to target EV charging rates and times where current month peak demand will not be exceeded.

Atom Power
Towards a sustainable future.


Intelligent power management and durable design combine to deliver one of the most competitive total costs of ownership in the industry.


The fastest solid-state circuit breakers on the market reduce arc flash hazards both at the charging station and the panel while protecting your investment.


An advanced power distribution panel and multiple pedestal and wallbox charging station options allows the system to grow with your needs while minimizing physical security costs.