Surge Protection Solutions for Every Application

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We’re proud to represent sister companies Transient Protection Design (TPD) and Total Protection Solutions (TPS), who together offer an unmatched catalog of surge protection products for systems and equipment of all sizes, from the most sensitive digital electronic devices to the hungriest industrial plant’s service entrance.

Florida Hospital Central Energy Plant


“TPS surge suppression products have now been installed on main switchgears, motor control centers, chilled water pumps, distribution and branch circuit panels… for over

“Total electrical maintenance costs for the CEP during the same five-year period is less than $7,000. This represents a 96% savings to our electrical maintenance costs.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing


“In the stamping area of the facility we found that we were experiencing fluctuations in the power that was affecting our drive areas, causing equipment replacement and downtime which is unacceptable in our environment.

“We purchased and installed [TPS] surge suppression units in August 2009. I am pleased to report that since the installation in 2009 to 2011 we have had no issues related to our power quality in this area.”

A Grateful Homeowner


“Lightning hit a tree about 50′ from my house causing a surge… into my house through an exterior outlet. This surge turned the outlet black as it entered the house on the way to my breaker boxes…

“Upon entering the surge protection devices located at my breaker boxes, the surge was effectively eliminated without causing any further damage. The surge protection system likely saved me over $75,000.

New standards, new obligations

NEC Standards for where SPDs must be used:

National Electrical Code standards book covers.
230.67 – is a new requirement for the 2020 NEC that mandates the use of a surge-protective device (SPD) to provide overvoltage protection for all dwelling unit services.
708.20(D) – “Surge protection devices shall be provided at all facility distribution levels” COPS- Critical Operation Power Systems.
700.9 – “A listed SPD shall be installed in or on all emergency system switchboards and panelboards”
695.15 – “A listed surge protection device shall be installed in or on a fire pump controller”
694.7(D) – “A surge protection device shall be installed between a wind electric system and any loads served by the premises electrical system”
670.6 – “Industrial machinery with safety interlock circuits shall have surge protection”
645.18 – “Surge protection shall be provided for Critical Operation Data Systems”
620.51(E) – “Where any of the disconnecting means in 620.51 has been designated as supplying an emergency system load, surge protection shall be provided”

Surge Protection Device Applications

EV Charging Stations


Escalators & Moving Walkways

LED Signage

Outdoor Lighting

Renewables & Energy Storage

The 21st Century comes to the breaker box

The same insanely fast and intelligent electronic circuit breakers that Atom Power uses to protect the Teslas and Mustang Mach-Es plugged into their peerless EV charging systems can be used to safeguard your own commercial/industrial and residential electrical applications, too, from new home construction to state-of-the-art data centers.

Atom Power is the first and only company in the world to have developed a UL-listed solid state circuit breaker, now offered in a residential form factor that is 100% digital and 100% the safest circuit breaker on the market.

Atom Power

Unparalleled degree of control

Give your facilities team — and your developers — the tools to maximize and monitor your electrical system’s efficiency, and to respond to the unexpected quickly and with confidence.

Featuring a thoughtful, well-structured user interface and powerful Web API (both Modbus and REST interfaces), Atom Insight’s monitoring and automation suite truly lets you take full command of your electrical infrastructure.

A Revolutionary Switch to support an Energy Revolution

Faster, safer, and astonishingly more capable than the circuit breaker technology we’ve relied on for decades, Atom Power’s unique product will be part of the solution to the many and complicated energy challenges of our young century.

Atom Switch offers more control, customization, capacity and speed than ever before while dramatically reducing safety hazards like arc flash.