A half-century’s legacy of success, solving our clients’ most pressing component sourcing needs.
Now we’re rising to a new challenge.

Prep-Power strives alongside our clients to be the change we wish to see, solving technical issues in electrical power distribution to support fleet EV charging requirements for commercial, government and residential customers.

Atom Power’s EVSE solutions combine their industry-leading, exceptionally fast electronic circuit breakers with a power distribution and control system that’s as attractive as it is safe, durable, and efficient, with custom design services to integrate it with any aesthetic.

To that end, we’ve partnered with Atom Power to distribute their best-of-breed EVSE system, offering intelligent vehicle charging solutions that achieve unmatched levels of efficiency and safety.

The Atom Advantage: Better than 90% cost savings compared to traditional EVSE systems when taking advantage of PURPL's advanced energy management features.

Atom Power’s lineup provides a responsible way to add fleet vehicle charging to an existing condo/apartment complex as well as commercial and governmental fleets — often without requiring any electrical infrastructure upgrades.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Protection

Our product lineup offers complete electrical systems protection, from Atom Power’s fantastically fast electronic circuit breaker technology to Transient Protection Design and Total Protection Solutions’ combined array of surge protection solutions for nearly every conceivable application.

Prep-Power company president Bruce Scoggin draws on 40 years of experience in electrical and electronic component consultancy and sales to help ensure that our clients’ projects get what they need to succeed.