Selecting the best SPD for your needs

Electrical surge has many sources. The one we know best is lightning. It can happen at any time, but summer thunderstorms may be the worst. Seeking shelter during a thunderstorm is important and the place you seek is equally as important. Protect yourself!

Protecting the electronics in your home, office and manufacturing facility is also important. Losing your washer/dryer, TV or stove is an inconvenience. Losing your refrigerator/freezer is a bit more catastrophic. Losing critical equipment in your office environment may well shut down your operations. The loss of equipment in your manufacturing operation is costly, but the downtime losses may well exceed the cost of repair/replacement of the damaged equipment.

Quality surge protection with enhanced filtering is well worth the investment. We are here to help you determine what is the best protection for your peace of mind. The next step is yours.

by brucescoggin              April 29, 2022

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