Can the power grid support an EV evolution?

Can the power grid support an EV evolution? I believe the answer is both Yes and No. The move to an all-electric structure for EV charging, HVAC, water heating and cooking will over stress an already stressed electrical infrastructure. The reality is we have been living with brown/black out conditions for many years. The current problems are more acute during summer months with cooling, but a shift to all electric heat and the issues will be year around.

Type 2 EV chargers offer, for most folks, the best option for EV charging. Type 1 chargers may take days to recharge a fully discharged battery. Type 3 chargers may be fast, but there is an impact on battery life when you blast them with high power.

To provide efficient and effective EV charging, a dynamic charger is the better solution. Atom Power, Inc. provides that unique charging solution by the varying the power to the charger based upon facility power demand. Details –